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Monica Fawcett

Monica Fawcett, Travel Advisor Sonoma County

​Independent Contractor
Travel Advisor



  • Cruises
  • Greece
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Turkey

About Monica

Monica’s areas of specialization are cruises, domestic travel, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland and Turkey.  No budget is too low or too high for her to work with.  International air is no challenge for Monica.  An “army brat” as she refers to herself, travel began at a young age.  She loves to travel and will work toward making any trip fantastic.


March 2024: I am thankful for Monica because she worked hard on taking care of all of my requests, and there were many! She planned two trips for me – a short one in Las Vegas and another long trip in Orlando, Florida. The Orlando vacation was full of many detailed requests, and she was able to take care of each one. The resort where we are staying was wonderful because of the free shuttle to the amusement parks, the fantastic pools, and the full kitchen in our condo. I am so grateful that she found that for us!! I could not have planned any of this without her. The lesson I have learned is that if you go on a long vacation, you need someone like Monica to help guide and assist you in order for you to have a most perfect time. Thank you, Monica! Susan Abbott

Branca Unico, Monica Fawcett, Travel Advisor
Charlie Chaplin Statue, Monica Fawcett, Travel Advisor