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Roxanne Brown

Roxanne Brown, Travel Consultant, San Geronimo Valley

​Travel Consultant


About Roxanne

I started traveling at a young age with my parents every summer. When I was 12, we spent a year in Europe and that really got me hooked on travel. With a teaching credential in hand, I taught in Germany and England. After several years, I returned to the USA to work in the travel industry so I could share my love of travel with others. I have been a travel consultant at Dimensions in Travel since 1978.


  • Travel Services for Small Corporations
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Guide Dog Air Travel It has been my privilege to work with our client Guide Dogs for the Blind. I book flights for blind and visually impaired students who come for training with their new guide dogs at the San Rafael and Portland campuses

Professional Credentials

  • Ecuador
  • Cunard Cruise Lines
  • Avalon River Cruises

Recently Visited

  • Europe
  • Africa (Eastern and Southern including Botswana)
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • South America (including the Galapagos)
  • Central America 
  • China
  • Thailand
Netherlands Girl
Avalon River Cruise through The Netherlands and Belgium
Tulips from Floriade 2012 and Keukenhof Gardens

Favorite Travel Moments

  •  I sailed on an Avalon River Cruise through The Netherlands and Belgium – think chocolate and tulips. Check out my photos from Floriade 2012 and Keukenhof Gardens in the slideshow to the right.
  • South America: Snorkeling in the Galapagos
  • Africa: Being so close to the animals in Botwana
  • Southwest USA: Taking my daughter to Canyon de Chelly, First Mesa and Hubbell Trading Post
  • Europe: Watching my daughter make friends with children her age


“I am safely back in California and had an AMAZING trip…My flight and connecting flight went well without any hiccups! …Thank you so much for all your time in relation to my trip.  I know your involvement made my parents feel a lot better too! … I will keep you in mind when I plan my next trip! ”  Susan K.